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Demo June 19th 2010

BloodPenny Demo Review by Mick Mercer

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February 3rd, 2008
Own Label
Demo EP
A smart little thing, and no mistake, with a bracing dark spirit.

‘Motion’ doesn’t make much sense, as we learn that, “in her eyes is a blue reptilian noise slithering across the floor” which I’m not sure a noise can actually do, but it goes on to rasp, ‘just walk away!’ which is a classic Goth demand, with a rigid throat ejecting an ominous vocal style, another Goth knack, over a glittering guitar trail from Adam Coffin and rigorous drums from Damon Killian. Wicked fun.

‘Spiral Staircase’ is much slower with the confidence to stand alone, blessed with a dramatically resigned tone; the guitar again burrowing deep beneath vocals concerned with sorrow and visual, spooky lyrics. ‘Transparent Town’ speeds up, with hot-wired guitar, thumping drums and more melodically fluid vocals from Richard Renfield, and with busy guitar it’s very much like early Psychedelic Furs (an admitted influence) through gritted teeth. It’s as lively as it is lovely, with building bass from Evil LaGruelle, and grim lyrics flapping before you like image-conscious crows, the drums pummelling their way to an abrupt, emphatic finish.

If the album matches this for quality we’ll all be celebrating.

Demo, Review November 22nd 2009